Good Art is a random creativity expressed without a conscious plan but with the intention to be striking- Dan Abrahamsson -

I am Dan Abrahamsson, Swedish born & raised, now a US citizen. Since my early childhood I loved to draw and paint, which led me to pursue a liberal arts and fine arts education already as a young Swedish high school student. I consider my works to be in the genre of impressionism and as abstract expressionism. I try to depict and capture the visual impression, the feelings and the experience of present moments in life. A bountiful of spheres and colors with shifting effects of light and contrast are noticeable in many of my works. I prefer working with acrylics and I enjoy using different painting techniques such as palette knives, sponges and brushes. My goal is to let the inner energy of the moment take charge of a creation and leave space for the viewer to interpret or position themselves into my artwork. I think that good art is a random creativity that is expressed without a conscious plan but with the intention of being striking. 
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